A peaceful Saturday

For once during my time here in SK, I woke this morning with nothing to do. No where to be, no bus or train to catch, no admin to be done, or people to meet.

Just me and my book. There is a small, but thriving book swap amongst some of the English teachers in my city, so while you may not have much choice over what you read, there is content available. Additionally, the local library has a small, yet very well stocked English section. Unfortunately, it is reasonably far from where I live, and not on any convenient bus routes, so I have yet to do it justice. I suspect that I will do so come the quieter, colder winter months.

Anyway, this is how I came to be sitting outside my local convenience store this afternoon, complete with few of my favourite things in life. A good book, a cold beer, some chocolate, a freshly washed nectarine and a decent view. And for a few hours I’m transported from South Korea to the Channel Islands just post WWII.

I love the way good books can do that, transport one so quickly and easily across time and country. A very civilised way of travelling.

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