The end of 2010

Things that have happened this year…

1. Actually been paid for some travel articles

2. Bought and played with a wonderful SLR camera

3. Had a great year teaching English in South Korea.

4. Learnt some Korean

5. Ate  live octopus tentacles and the infamous dog meat at staff dinners.

6. Swam the Midmar mile

7. Ran a 10km race along the banks of the Han River

8. Had a beautiful tailored suit made while on a shopping frenzy in Hoi Ann.

9. Got my Masters Degree in Economics.

10. Had epic nights out with friends in Johannesburg, Nottingham Road, Hongdae, Boryeong and Paju.

11. Watched proudly from afar as SA hosted an excellent World Cup.

12. Made some wonderful new friends from around the globe.

13. Swam in the South China Sea.

14. Walked along the Great Wall of China.

15. Stepped into North Korea (briefly)

16. Celebrated a birthday with a braai and a noreabang!!

17. Took part in two festivals, one as a mourner, and one as a scantily clad white Zulu.

18. Picked blueberries.

19. Moved house and country.

20. Learnt to snowboard.

21. Explored Beijing

22. Had a motorbike accident.

23. Mastered chopsticks

24. Bought tickets for the Philippines, Shanghai, a Kings of Leon concert, the 2Oceans 21km in Cape Town and the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Bring on 2011!!!

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