Odd or not

Things that have stood out so far in South Korea

  • Public transport. Cheap, quick, easy and safe.
  • Staying off the busses at 10 to avoid the post school rush. Yes, 10pm!! These kids work far too hard.
  • Mirrors, mirrors everywhere. Trains, lifts, petrol stations, even cell phones all come with mirrors. It’s no longer odd to see half a dozen people crowed in front of the mirror on the platform for 10 min while they adjust their hair or makeup.
  • Matching his and hers underwear on shop mannequins. On that note, couple wear. The best I’ve seen were two T-shirts, his said Jack, and hers said…..Jill!
  • Men in flashy suits passed out on the bench at 4:30pm. Business is conducted over drinks, and it appears more the merrier. Being drunk in public is very definitely par for the course here. Even being absolutely legless.
  • Men and their enormous handbags.
  • Pavements. This is where Koreans park their cars and where take out delivery drivers on motorbikes prefer to ride their bikes. This is not where pedestrians walk. You have been warned.
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  1. I thought the mirrors were odd, then I got to the couple wear … bizarre. You must have battled to keep a straight face 🙂

    • First time was a shock, that’s for sure.

    • Your story was really inrvtmafioe, thanks!

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