Quit your job, see the world!!

Who hasn’t woken up early one dreary Monday morning and thought, ‘That’s it. I’m quitting my job, and going to travel the world.’

Most of us have had these thoughts, but no sooner do they pop into our head, are they followed by other, more familiar thoughts.

But how will I pay my bills? It’s not a good time to leave my job. It’ll be too expensive. Travelling is dangerous. There’s way too much to organise. What will I do with my house/car/clothes/book/wife/boyfriend/children? Sound familiar?

Let’s face it; it’s a very enticing day dream. But for most of us, it remains just that. It’s a very daunting prospect, and most of us stick with our annual 2 or three weeks off to satisfy any travel cravings we might have.

Bu actually, its loads easier than you think. The hardest part is actually doing it, taking that first step, putting yourself out there, into the unknown.

Five months ago, I had a full time, decentish job. I had been there three years. I had a good place to live, a good social network, my family was not far away, and from the outside, it looked like I should be satisfied. Right?

Except I was getting a quarter life itch (not quite a full blown crisis. I mean, there was no urge to get a Harley or convertible).I was bored with my job, and felt that things in general were stagnating. I had travelled a fair amount before and during varsity, but ever since entering the real world, it was confined to my two week quota per year, with the occasional long weekend.

So when the right opportunity came along, I grabbed it with both hands, and have not let go yet. From the corporate financial world in Johannesburg, South Africa to an English elementary teacher in Ansan, South Korea. Talk about turning things upside down!! For those of you thinking about mixing things up a little, hopefully these posts will serve some purpose. To inspire, amuse, inform or simply fill up a few minutes of your day, that’s up to you. Enjoy…..

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